Thursday, October 16, 2008

Haters R Us!!!

"Haters R Us, is one statement that rings out, and definately stands to be true, about our culture, our race, our nature, of our existance and all, and we can't seem to cease it or get enough, cause its always around.Mary J Blige says it best, "they gone hate anyway, cause they not happy with themselves. Most haters appear out of nowhere, and really be hating for and about nothing". Cause a female go and get her nails done, get a new weave, or shoes or something, or that brother driving a benz, and he can't even pay his light bill", yall know we all got somethin to say, we all guilty! "I refuse to act like I'm exempt, I'm not perfect, but when I realize what wrong I do, I pray on it, and I feel bad, and sometimes I catch myself.
Sometimes haters are created, from a person experiencing some negative stuff in the past, or something they hear, and really its all jealousy. "But we all got to find a way to except and be proud of who we are, and we shall have love for others, and find a way to adopt the thoery of one wise one: "Don't hate, excellerate". "Yea I know its good, thanks", but we really need to work on ourselves, and we will see a change, and any fool who don't want change, then you are more than welcome to join haters anonymous @:

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