Friday, October 31, 2008

"Maybe a dollar short, but not a day late".....

"GOD is too wonderful, for us to except that since we have failed at anything, and come the next day, you feel dissappointed, thinking of the expression, (a day late, and a dollar short). It's a catchy one, and meaningful one, but when it comes to influencing yourself to actually feel and believe that, til its a reality for you, "qoute on qoute" thats sad, because everyday that we arise from our sleep, it should be A joyous occassion, and since we still have life, it is proven then, that its not a day late!!!
"But on the other hand, when you living a life of pure struggles, you learn to hold on, believe in what you believe, ("me personally its our HEAVENLY FATHER-GOD"). "But I say to each his his own, but I know by experience and truth, that it is HE who is alive!!!
Finances have crumbled, mental, health, emotions and all have at some point or another, failed me, but HE was my redeemer everytime, with HIS love, HE brought me back!

"So I say to you all, though I struggle, financially and all, and that would render me a dollar short, but I got life, I got love, I got GOD", I'm not a day late! AMEN"......

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