Friday, October 31, 2008

Realizing reality for me!!!

"I gotta say, we all are so blessed, and thanks to HIM thats made it all possible!"
"But I wanted 2 share with u all, why I came up with my last post, for the blog, titled ( maybe a dollar short, but not a day late....
"I had planned to jump on here and give you all what I had, and I totally forgot, but being that I didn't remember until today, 10-31-08, I had even more to bring to the table.
"Anyway yesterday, as well as many other days, I planned to share my thoughts daily, but sometimes its a struggle I find hard to compete against, but as I said, while we have the blessings of life continuing for us, we must be grateful, and make the most out of the situations, we face!
"GOD is good God is great!!! "Aren't we glad???
"And thats the thing about reality, I realize"...

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